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Founder of Pretty Woman Design

Since 2016, Souda Phochailerd, the founder of Pretty Woman Design has been working on giving her clients the best lashes. When you talk to Souda about her business her passion is infectious. Her skill, speed and artistry are a testament to her experience and have made her one of Bangkok’s most sought after lash stylists. When she first began 2016 word of mouth spread like wildfire trying to keep up with the demand. Her passion drove her to open her own boutique salon.


Nothing beats the confidence of natural looking glamour

Eyelash extensions are not something that you should choose without careful consideration. Proper application requires skilled hands and a level of dexterity that only the best-trained cosmetologists and aestheticians can achieve.

Our goal at Pretty Woman Design is to ensure that your extensions perfectly complement your facial features, the shape of your eyes, and your overall look. Our professional technicians have the experience you need to create an individual shape and pattern and curl that’s sure to highlight all of your greatest features. Moreover, we always work to cater to your preferences to ensure that the extension look you receive is the one that meets your exacting requirements. If you’re ready to feel and see the difference that the best eyelash extensions in Bangkok can make a difference in your life, call us today.



We stand by the quality of our work

At Pretty Woman Design we stand by the quality of our work. We ensure each client leaves completely satisfied. An initial full set application is only required once as long as you return for the regularly required refills. Refills are required every 2-3 weeks. In the event that your set does not last for whatever reason, whenever you return in the required time we will re-apply your set, but you will only be charged for a refill. With Pretty Woman Design you can have refills for a lifetime.

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